UPDATE: August 2018

We are seeing an explosion of battery technology over the last year or two as well as expansion of use. Batteries are no longer solely used for going “off the grid” or for Electrical Vehicles (EVs) but are also used in conjunction with demand management technologies to help reduce power consumption during peak hours and integrated into Smart Home Systems. Installing a battery system can help mitigate utility charges and can also provide your home with backup power should you experience an outage. And the timing is right as we are seeing more power outages due to extreme weather, fires, and unreliable grids.


Integrating home energy management with home automation allows for energy savings by responding to weather events, by intelligently balancing and conserving energy when the power goes out or enabling the homeowner to shut off the thermostat remotely while out of town. Read more about the new Sonnen EcoLinx. Good Energy Solutions is a Sonnen Batterie certified partner and is excited about the future of energy and the possibilities of shared power.

As the demand for Electrical Vehicles increase and the renewable energy industry continues to find more applications for batteries, scientists and developers continue to race against each other to find abundant substances to cut the costs of battery manufacturing. As we see batteries incorporated more into everyday life it is imperative to use not only cost effective but safe materials.


(Original Post: May 1, 2015) Battery cost and battery storage capacity are two parts of the equation that potential owners of solar and wind power systems must consider when deciding whether to operate “off the grid” or “grid tied.”

Solar and Wind

In the past, the cost of batteries has usually steered wide-eyed hopeful owners back in the direction of grid-tied. Fortunately, just as technology improvements have made solar panels more efficient and less costly, the same is true for battery storage. And those wide-eyed hopefuls may be able to afford exactly what they are looking for.

Just yesterday, Tesla just unveiled it’s new “Powerwall“. A home battery that stores 10kWh’s for $3,500.  The device hangs discretely from a wall and allows consumers to store solar energy that may be used as a back-up system for grid-tied customers or for customers who want to live completely off the grid.

Competition between battery companies continues to drive prices down while simultaneously expanding battery storage capacity. An interesting article written by Zachary Shahan investigates the numerous companies participating in the battery storage market race. See Article

Batteries not only give home-owners the choice of living off the grid but they also help commercial businesses save money. Storing energy on batteries can lower or eliminate electrical utility high peak demand charges. Read more…

It’s an exciting time in the energy world, and definitely a time of change. As traditional energy prices continue to climb, independent energy pioneers now have accessibility to affordable renewable energy systems that are capable of meeting their needs day and night. Plus, the technology of battery storage is only getting better, fast.

Here at Good Energy Solutions, we have been installing stand alone and battery backup systems for over 5 years, and the promise of the future with the technology has never been greater. Inexpensive, dependable battery technology is the holy grail for making future distributed renewable energy a viable alternative to the centralized power plant model of yesterday. We keep up with the technology and provide our clients with the best solutions available.