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"We look forward to many more years of energy independence!"



Home Owners Reviews of Solar Installations by Good Energy Solutions in Kansas and Missouri

14.388kW Ground Mount SunPower Solar Array Installation in Kansas

14.388kW Ground Mount SunPower Solar Array

Message from the Owner: “Having a large family including five young children, it was important to us to reduce our dependency on the traditional power grid while maintaining a budget- all while finding an array that would deliver the results we needed. Mike Schumann and the Good Energy Solutions team listened to our needs from the beginning and custom designed the approach- including the array location and panel types- around our life and placing it in the perfect location to help maintain the natural appeal of our property.

Whenever we had a question, Mike Lee and the engineering team responded immediately. When it came time to test the new array the Good Energy Solutions team went above and beyond to respond to our needs. Justin even came to us during off- hours (near a holiday weekend) just to help ensure we had what we needed. While we would have happily waited, we greatly appreciated the individual and professional attention.

We were drawn to Good Energy Solutions for the variety of warranties and high quality Solar PV technology they offered. We also love the smartphone technology that enables us to monitor or power generation and usage- really helping us better manage our resources. By far it is the service and team approach that has truly made this experience so fulfilling. For years it was a dream of ours to find a way to reduce our dependency upon non-renewable energy sources. Good Energy Solutions delivered and made that dream possible; and we could not be happier with the results!

We look forward to many more years of energy independence!” — The Kanary Family, Johnson County, KS

15kW Residential SunPower Solar Array Installation in Kansas

14.388kW Ground Mount SunPower Solar Array

This client called Good Energy Solutions because they were interested in reducing their utility bill. We worked with them to reduce their energy use with efficiencies like LEDs and Insullation. A 15kW SunPower Solar PV system was installed on their home; the most efficient, most watts per panel in the solar industry. The homeowner is now creating their own electricity and has increased their home’s property value. The customer will see an immediate return on their money of 6% in the first year. Watch the video to learn more. See other solar energy installations in Kansas by Good Energy Solutions.

5.76kW Pole Mount Residential Home Solar Electric System* Installation in Kansas

5.76kW Pole Mount PV System

This client is a risk manager for a major sports team and he chose Good Energy Solutions over the others because he saw the value that we brought to the project. We monitor every one of our systems when possible, and this is the best performing system in our fleet in kWhs per kW of solar modules. The pole mounts keep the system cool and micro inverters maximize production for each module.

Message from the Owner: “My arrays have been producing electricity for almost 2 weeks now. I’m absolutely thrilled with how the system looks and functions! You’ve made a green energy believer out of me! My wife is proud to explain to others how we’ve become more responsible stewards of the environment around us. I honestly think this will turn out to be one of the most gratifying investments I’ll ever make in my home, and that’s before I consider the economic benefits. But apart from all the things I love about the system now, I also have to compliment you on the process you lead me through to get here. I had become very discouraged after my initial interest in alternative energy once I spoke with a few contractors about a system for my home. I felt I was getting neither a fair bid nor complete answers to all of my questions. However, I found you refreshingly honest, sincere and concerned with quality at a competitive price. You made this a fun endeavor. I would be happy to do another project like this with you. Perhaps we can try a wind turbine next time!” – Owner

8.4kW Residential Home Photovoltaic System* Installation in Kansas

8.4kW Residential PV Solar System

Good Energy Solutions is “Energy with Integrity”. We pride ourselves on quality jobs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but create as much clean energy as we predict, if not more. We love to hear what customers have to say. For example, the owner of this home and Solar PV system sent us an email:

Message from the Owner: “So far, we have only used 10 Kwh from the grid and pumped 82 Kwh into the grid since 8:00 Wednesday morning and it is now 11:30 Friday morning. We are pleasantly surprised.”

8.4kW Residential Solar PV System* Installation in Missouri

8.4kW Residential PV System in Missouri

This Missouri customer chose Good Energy Solutions to install their 8.4kW solar electric system which consists of 30 solar panels. The south facing roof is a perfect set-up for a solar photovoltaic system. See other solar installations in Missouri

8.32kW Residential Solar PV System* Installation in Kansas

8.32kW PV Residential System

This Solar Photovoltatic System is located in Olathe, KS and consists of 32 modules. Great care is always taken by our installers at Good Energy Solutions to make sure that the modules edges line up perfectly to create an esthetically pleasing system. Shadows created by the physical structure of the roofline contribute to the layout of the modules.

6kW Residential Solar PV* With Battery Backup System Installation in Kansas

Battery Backup Solar PV System

Good Energy Solutions maintains quality control by incorporating into it’s staff employees that hold contractors and electrical licenses. Our crews have years of hands on experience in building and use their skills to create quaility structures for the client. The Pergola on the back of this Kansas home was built by Good Energy Solutions and acts as a structure for additional solar modules.

Let’s get started managing your homes energy use and/or creating energy for your home. 

We are your “go-to” company for energy management, storage, and creation. We can help you get started with an energy audit to see how energy efficient your home is; LEDs and proper insullation is a great starting point for efficiency. An Energy Monitoring system can help you determine how you use your energy in real-time so that you can make immediate changes. We can recommend the best type of custom renewable solar energy system for you based on your property. Contact us today to get started.


Good Energy Solutions is a SunPower Elite Dealer. We are proud to offer the highest quality and most reliable solar equipment available. Ask us today about how a SunPower equipped Good Energy Solutions system can provide you decades of guaranteed production with the most efficient solar components on the market. GES is excited to partner with Sunpower, as quality and integrity are our main focus.

Good Energy Solutions is a SunPower Elite Dealer

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Good Energy Solutions has been named a Top Solar Contractor by Solar Power World for 5 years consecutively. (2015-2019)

Save Money by reducing energy use. Good Energy Solutions can help you determine how to reduce your energy use through

•Energy Audits
• LED Lighting 
• Energy Storage
• Energy Monitoring


HERO is a good financing option for many homeowners. Please contact the HERO Program to see if you qualify. Good Energy Solutions offers a variety of financing options to match your needs.

This owner took advantage of KCP&L and Ameren $2.00/Watt rebate incentive program as well as a 30% Federal Tax Credit that were available in 2013.

“Last year I paid over $1,600 for electric power. This year I expect to pay less than $40.00 a month, making the savings over $1,180 each year. With the Utility rebate of $2.00 a watt and the 30% Tax credit, I will pay for the system in 5.6 years at today’s prices per kWh. With energy costs going up 3-5% each year the payback on my system will be 3.5 years. I believe I will have extra energy to use to power a Chevrolet Volt, reducing my transportation cost by 75%” – Aaron Laughlin, Owner

Residential Solar PV Installation by Good Energy Solutions

This historic Missouri home has an array on the roof that consists of 15 solar panels plus a smaller array consisting of five panels on the roof of the carriage house also located on the property.

Residential Solar PV Installation by Good Energy Solutions

This 5kW Double Axis Tracker Solar PV* System was installed by another installer that would not service their equipment. We get similar calls on a regular basis to fix or service improperly installed systems. We expanded this system for the owner and will help service their system into the future.

*Not a Representation of SunPower