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Available in Kansas and Missouri
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Solar Awning Installation by Good Energy Solutions Available in Kansas and Missouri.

Solar Awnings are a great solution for both residential and commercial properties. Good Energy Solutions installs solar awnings engineered to withstand wind speeds in the Central U.S. Region. Read our blog post regarding solar awning installation.

The benefits of a solar awning include:

  1. Solar Awnings Provide Additional Space. Not all roof space is conducive to solar. Roof orientation, shading, and fire codes may decrease the amount of panels that can be put on a roof. A solar awning provides additional space for solar panels when a larger solar system is desired.
  2. Solar Awnings Reduce Energy Use. When mounted to the South and West sides of a building, the shade from the awning keeps the building cooler, effectively reducing air conditioning loads during long hot summer days. A solar awning both reduces energy use and generates energy.
  3. Solar Awnings Provide Shelter. Solar Awnings can provide shelter from sun and rain.
  4. Solar Awnings Generate More Energy Than Flush Mounted Systems. Awnings provide cooler cell temperatures due to ample air flow beneath the modules.
Quantity of SunPower Panels System Size (kW) kWh** Production, 1st Year
8 Panels 2.616 kW 4045 kWh
12 Panels 3.924 kW 6065 kWh
16 Panels 5.232 kW 8090 kWh
26 Panles 7.848 kW 12130 kWh


System Includes: Awning Racking System, SunPower 327 Watt Modules, 25 Year Warranty, Labor, Interconnection Agreement.

**kWh production is based on SunPower 327 watt solar panels on a solar awning facing South with optimal conditions & no shading. Azimuth & site conditions may reduce kWh production.   

Solar Awnings* are very visible and show off the environmentally friendly intentions of a business or organization such as this maker’s space cooperative located in Lawrence, Kansas. The awning’s shade keeps the summer sun from baking the concrete floor inside the garage doors and heating up the space. This allows the artists to keep the doors open to all interested passers bye.

Solar* Awning at the Baker Wetlands Visitor Center located in Lawrence, Kansas.

*Not a representation of SunPower

Installing a Solar Awning on the side of this home enabled us to install an additional 2.5kW of Solar PV*.


Solar Awnings provide shade and architectural interest at the rainforest building at the Topeka, Kansas Zoo. Installed by Good Energy Solutions.


This long awning structure was installed on the side of this visitor’s center at the Baker Wetlands located in Lawrence, Kansas. This photo shows the structure before the solar panels were installed. The solar awning dramatically reduces cooling loads during the summer.